YES PRP Kit Advantages

Technology YES PRP Comments
Requires Gel No No potential of contamination from separation gel
Easy to Access PRP Yes Segmentation of PPP in separate syringe for topical use
20cc Single Kit Configuration Yes Up to 11cc of usable combination of PPP – PRP and Buffy Coat
Swing Arm / Slow Stop Centrifuge Yes Virtually no platelet damage from centrifugation
Extraction Requiring a needle No Threaded rod pushes yield into attached syringe for easy access and use
Red Blood Cells Segmented Yes Easy to keep RBCs out of yield and extraction
Push Transfer Yes No needle required to extract PRP – Total control of yield
Filtration Required No Keeps the usable yield in its purest form
Activate just prior to injection Yes This keeps platelets in their original unimpaired state prior to being utilized
Control the volume of PPP Yes Allows physician to control the concentration of PRP used with patient

Yes PRP Kit Advantages - PPP, PRP, Buffy Coat and RBC Illustration

Not FDA approved or cleared for the U.S. market. Pending FDA Clearance.